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by EG
May 28, 2021
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Have you ever heard about Airsoft? It a tactical sport like paintball but not like paintball. It is for sure more tactical, realistic and it does hurt when you get hit by those small BB balls.

Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics.

Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of real world weapons.

This was one of my many hobbies I had for years. Now while I am writing this my arsenal aka gear is for sale. I felt is enough with this and move on to the new hobby.

It was starting to pull me mentally down. Yeah, it seems fun to run around, hide, shoot, and most importantly learn from really experienced players. This sport is popular among the army, police, special forces where in the night they run around with their night visions on, it was fun.. but I realized that all that adrenalin which is the same every time was kicking me down.

I felt and treated this sport as real life combat situation. I felt that if I will get hit I will be gone, that’s it. I had this feeling for years and I kept playing it really carefully. I barely was ‘hit’. I was covered in the the green from top to the bottom, I would say I was like a sniper but this time with M4 replica gun.

I felt this game realistically, like too real, where I was sweating like a pig because of the adrenaline. I played this game for at least 6 years and 2 years constantly.

I usually preferred to attend events that lasted 24 to 48 hours where you are left in the field with your own equipment on your back, sleeping in the woods, and constantly being alerted that any time the combat can be started.

I also attended day games which lasted all day. Don’t forget sleep was just a name, it didn’t last longer than a power nap or a few hours. I liked these conditions but wouldn’t trade them forever, which made me realize that I wouldn’t want to join the army to be like a piece of meat that runs around. I have a better call in my life.

In the next paragraph, I am going to show images from a variety of events to show what kind of lion was Airsoft.

Airsoft in Latvia, how I started.

Very first game, where I looked like civilian with a replica gun
Usually cars were involved part of the game, guess who is driving?
At some point we were hostages as well
Green worms on the field
Trying to hide
Trying to hide again
Cousin love

Airsoft in Scotland

Somewhere in Scottish Airsoft field
Paying attention to the details
In action
Somewhere in woods
It was crucial to be ‘small’ and not appear as huge target
M4 replica weight was 5kg
In combat (I didn’t know someone was doing a photo)
Ready to go

Final days of my Airsoft game.

It was also the last time I officially played.

This is when we were going for 48h long milsim game.

Full car with army guys (always learn something from the best)
It was raining without any breaks
A lot smaller teams had specific objectives
A little break
Cousin love
Our small team that was part of bigger team

It was great fun over all those years but now it’s the tame to put the Airsoft on a side and experience other hobbies.

Check out next blog post about other hobbies I have.