#1: It took my company 270 days from launch to make $500k+ in sales

#1: It took my company 270 days from launch to make $500k+ in sales

It took my company 270 days from launch to make $500k+ in sales.

Then, the team and I burned out completely.

The company had to be dissolved.

I felt devastated.

I had to create everything again from scratch.

Wealth = Money

Since a young age, I had this nudge inside me saying.

“You have to be an entrepreneur, you have to be a leader and work your ass off to be successful”.

Owning a company – I thought that was the only way how to be wealthy. For me, wealth meant money, because money is a tool for everything.

Different experiences lead me to open the first LLC (limited company).

It was when c0v1d $h1t started to spread. The time when many switched to digitalization.

Together with partners and full excitement, the first money started to pour in.

At first, the company offered software development services.

Within a few months, clients showed what was in demand and we started to build our own products.

Why should we create a money machine for someone else if we can do it for ourselves and charge even more?

Money In The Bank

It was almost a half year around and we opened our second office.

Hired sales team and marketing. Hired developers left and right.

The company was growing.

In less than a year the company hit 6 figures in sales.

  • More projects started to compile.
  • More responsibilities to arise.
  • More stress on the side.
  • More burnouts inside and outside.
  • Days passed faster than lightspeed.

And more money in the bank.

Was I happy?


Slave To my Own Company

If you think it’s cool to have an entrepreneur or founder role, think twice about it.

For me, it’s a name.

Friends and family thought I have figured everything out. I’m rich, I’m smart. But in fact, I was struggling and not rich. Juggling between health, family, and money.

My typical work day was every day for 18 hours.

Sometimes I didn’t eat and skipped my sports training to get more things done.

Skipped life events.

Impacted family member relationships.

I was a slave to my own business working more than 9-5 people would do. I was working inside the business not outside.

I knew if we want to grow I had to oversee all departments. Control them and step in many times a day.

It didn’t matter if it was accounting, development, finances, marketing, sales, or hiring new team members.

I was everywhere doing everything.

Company Collapsion

I have a tendency to see and feel if someone is capable of more.

I saw team members slacking.

I realized people without the same vision will never ever work as hard as you.

At first, the company’s vision was to make an impact and make technology work for people.

Then something changed. After two years we realized we don’t enjoy what we are doing.

Because the only motivator was money.

Company plans and vision started to perish.

  • Less product innovation and maintenance, lead to fewer clients.
  • Fewer clients lead to less income.
  • Fewer income, you guessed right, we had to say goodbye to teams.

Greed lost the battle and awareness about life started to rise.

The decision was made to dissolve the business.

It took only 970 days from opening to closing.

I Was On My Knees

I felt like I’m thrown outside the ship in the middle of the ocean.

After all the hours spent, sacrifices, and hard work. It was gone.

I felt an attachment to the business, the brand, and the vision.

It felt almost like nurturing a kid (I never had a kid until now).

This little kid had huge potential but I had to say goodbye.

It wasn’t meant to sound pitiful.

It was an amazing experience from different perspectives.

No university or 9-5 job would ever give those experiences or lessons.

Different for sure.

Moved To Asia To Figure Out The Next Steps

Armed with savings I made the decision to move to Asia.

To slow down my peace and think about what I care about.

Where to use my energy?

Whom I can help?

How I can help?

I know my highest potential is still inside me and I will not stop until the last breath.

To create meaningfulness.

One-Person Business

While doing slow traveling in Asia. Everyone around was a solo entrepreneur. In every corner and shop.

This sparked the idea.

To become a one-person business.

And help PEOPLE become future digital SOLO entrepreneurs.

Like owning a company.

Instead, I’m the company.

I’m the kid who will grow.

No hours will waste for others or the company name, but invested in me.

Investment in myself → I can help others.

The truth is…

Not everyone wants to work for someone or build a large corporation that sucks your time and soul.

The one-person business gives you complete control over:

  • When you work
  • What you work
  • Whom you work with

It enables you to build your business around your life and not the opposite.

It allows you to live by nature’s laws and have your own way of life.

It gives you the freedom to be yourself.

Turn Knowledge Into Profit

It is insane how easy is to get your passions and skills out in the digital world nowadays. With the correct tools, automatizations, and approach..

Someone somewhere is sending a message to the universe.

Or crying because they are looking for a solution you have.

I know because I have been in their shoes many times.

Don’t worry about the niche. Think about yourself a few years back.

How can you help your younger self with your current level of knowledge?

Only you can make the next step.

Don’t waste days.

Help others.

One life.

Lessons From Running A Company As A Former Co-Founder

1. If you can’t figure out what product to build, provide service first. Avoid countless wasted hours of figuring out or building what you think others will want.

When you provide service, you will see what’s on-demand and what are the common issues. Get the data and then build your product.

2. When starting a business, keep emotions outside. Company leading might not be for you, if you’re not prepared to be mentally attacked everywhere by everyone. Instead, consider solo entrepreneurship.

3. Always have a backup plan for your primary source of income.


  • Businesses can go out within one day
  • External power can have an unforeseen impact on you.

Instead, work on another income stream and money for emergencies in case of a bad storm.

4. Not every team member will ever have the same vision. Not even work as hard as you. Find people who have their own visions, and fit their visions into your vision.

5. Don’t waste time. Because someone is crying and begging for the things that would help them but don’t exist yet. Thus go out and work to develop them.

6. In business, relationships, and life. If you like or dislike something. Don’t hold it inside. It will eat you alive in and out. Express yourself on how you feel and what you think to others. A simple conversation can help.

7. Health > money. Your body, mind, and spirit are more important than the digits. Eat, move and sleep well. Balance it.

8. Plan to have a structure and systems for your company. Don’t be your own work slave.

9. Get everything out fast. Don’t be a perfectionist. It’s an ego game, it doesn’t exist.

10. Vision > money. Have a meaningful vision. Provide value. Enjoy process. Money will come.

11. Build your business around your life, not your life around your business.

12. Don’t get emotionally attached to a project or business. I learned the hard way.

14. Treat work as a game. Not as a survival tool.


Wealth = Money (Provide service first, see demand, then build products)
Money In The Bank (6 figures sales in less than a year)
Slave To my Own Company (Slowly killing myself)
Company Collapsion (Money was taking over our minds)
I Was On My Knees (After hard work nothing was left)
Moved To Asia To Figure Out the Next Steps (What I truly care about)
One-person business (The truth that everyone wants)
Turn Knowledge Into Profit (The niche is your younger self)
Lessons From Running A Company As A Former Co-Founder (I learned the hard way)

I hope you've gained value.

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