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Sorrento & Pompeei

by EG
March 14, 2021
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A macaroni country – Italy. They had the best Pizza and the views were magnificent. Check below some images from Italy trip back in 2016.

Trip was mainly focused on Naples and Pompei.

Trees were different than the rest in the north of Europe
Train was like 30 years old
Italian mountains
Sea was super salty
Little streets and beaches are very popular in the Italy
Mount Vesuvius – Volcano who wiped out an entire city and surroundings in AD79
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Mount Vesuvius not so far away
Walking in the Pompeii city
Closer look at the volcano rock
Looks like normal rock, right?
Volcano crater
My friend on the left
View is always great from the top
Naples city
Sorrento town beach in the background
Since Vatican is small then one picture here also 🙂

A short trip but remarkable feelings. Would definitely visit Italy again in different areas to get that juicy lemon fruit from the tree.