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Mix of different Sports

by EG
June 1, 2021
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I usually call them different activities or hobbies.

Depending my location my hobbies change. It’s always good to try something new.

At my early age in life, I attended Taekwondo training. From the year 2000 up to 2007. For at least 7 years I was fighting in training and competitions. As well as later while I was attending university in Scotland I enjoyed ThaiBox training. Some day I might post some memories from fighting sports.

Let’s have a look of my recent activities during past years.

Cold swimming

The benefits of cold swimming are the work with mindset, a boost of energy, and the immune system.

For the last two years season was never closed. It started in summer 2019 and it’s still ongoin until today.

When I look back, it reminds me feeling of every part of the body.

Cutting the ice
Pin pricking sensation is how the body feels
This is the expression after 1 minute of swimming
That day it was -17C also the chair from ice in the background seems nice
I always use swimming shoes in the cold to keep normal body temperature


Another activity was feeding myself. At that time it was important to work on mindset, to focus on one thing constantly. To keep track of everything and do it every day for years.

I attended a gym in at early morning, evening time, night time. Different days and many days in the row.

Strength came but also injuries, which lead to this activity’s final days due to health concerns.

Now I work out with my own bodyweight instead to save my body.

I don’t have a lot of images to share, but here are a few.

It was important to keep track via images to see body differences
Also some shirtless images
At that time it was ‘the more the better’
Every week on Sunday I cooked for 3 hours (food for the whole week)
It was mixture of pasta, rice and buckwheat. And a lot of meat.

I barely took photos while in the gym. Hence a few images here. It was a great experience, but now I am fixing my body, so I can do other hobbies as well.


I’ve been mountain biking since a young age. I always liked to drive around with my bicycle. To visit new places as well as participate in some competitions.

In my own life, I have been riding a bicycle since a young age. I ride with them and at the same time, I can fix them when needed. The best part – a sunny day and the off-road track that has a lot of mud.

My first competition ride back in 2008, where I was first for first 10 min. Check number 1020. It seems everyone else was relaxed.
My very first mountain bike, cycling in Sutton Park UK

Sometimes I was cycling 60 km daily, because it was interesting to discover new places

Beach rides are magnificent
With some sunny views
Usually my mountain biking off-road is in the woods
It was pretty warm day
Number 18. It was cold ride with a lot of mud.
Can you find me?

Mountain biking images will be enough for now, most of them are in my memories.


This is pretty difficult. Especially if the body has never experienced such a thing. My plan is to be able to do a full handstand without using head support. Below are a few images from how it looks like a handstand or in other words headstand?

Guy in the background wondering, what the fuck is he doing?
Riga in the background
When blood goes in my head the feeling is strange but good
Making some magic
In the nature the feeling is even better

While posting this, I am slowly building up my handstand skills. It gives an energy boost and good core strength improvement.


Floorball is popular among many European countries.

That also was how I started my goalie career. I started back in 2007 in Latvia, where I played for one team for 3 seasons in different age groups and tournaments. It was a great experience. My very first experience where I participated in a teamwork environment.

Latvian mixed Floorball team in the UK. This was also my last season as goalkeeper in Floorball.

While I was studying and playing ice hockey in Scotland. I decided that I want to play floorball as a forward. I played for at least 3 seasons.

The fact that team members were international from different parts of the world. Makes the world a big home.

After a day game photo
Someone was not happy about the body-check.
Team work was always important
Play-offs and we won the Scottish cup. It was also my last game in the UK.


I’ve never really liked running, because of my knee. However, until now I am running because that’s the one of the best ways how to keep fit and keep good pulse.

My first running marathon. Only 10km but oh well.
When they say HI 😀
Brother teaching me how to do cross country running
Receive and give motivation to everyone from the running
This is how I feel after running every time 🙂

This is it, if you managed to go this far, congratulations.

Check out next blog post about my ice hockey goalie adventures.