My Story

My former company took 270 days to make $500k+ in sales.

Then, the team and I burned out.
The company had to be dissolved.

I felt devastated.
I had to create everything again from scratch.

Moved to Asia to figure out how I can help people.
Armed with my experience I become a Digital Solopreneur.

Now I’m building
The Future of Work & Life for Solopreneurs.

About Edgars Griga Image

A little about myselF

I was born in Latvia and have spent half my life living abroad, which has given me the opportunity to learn about different cultures.

This has helped me realize that we are all the same and our time on earth is not just about surviving.

It’s about contributing value and leading fulfilling lives through work, personal development, and inspiration.

My goal is to make both my own life and others’ meaningful.

Over the past 10 years, I have pursued a variety of opportunities

  • Had an eBay store. Fixed navigation system software and sold devices to truck drivers.
  • Made my first money when I was 13. Built gaming server and sold admin accounts.
  • Co-founded a software company. It took us 270 days to make $500k+ in sales.
  • Worked as a Software Engineer in a bank’s Business Intelligence department.
  • Flipped phones. Fixed the tech and sold them for almost double the price.
  • Earned a Business Technology degree from a UK university.
  • Repaired people’s computers, as self-employed.
  • Started dozens of projects which failed.
  • Learned lessons from all failures.

Aside from work, I have a variety of hobbies

Ice hockey, hiking, scuba diving, skydiving, martial arts, motorcycle driving, and traveling.
More about my lifestyle and my adventures you can read on my personal website.