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Rysy mountain and Tatras

by EG
June 16, 2021
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It’s a great feeling to visit Tatras after the Scottish mountains. Scottish and Tatras mountains are different, thus it was a great experience by climbing Rysy and visit Tatras in general.

Rysy was climbed from Slovakia side because in Poland there were constructions on-site and no-one could pass the route.

Check out my hike in Rysy and Tatras.

Try to find Rysy
Rysy is far away, it looks the smallest from the distance
That’s the charm of mountains. It looks they’re small and close but actually it’s the exact opposite
Rocky mountain I would say
Outside temperature was 25C and seeing snow in the summer was fun
Always at the top you want to stay and stare for hours. In the background Morskie Oko lake
A day before it was -3C up there but the lucky climbing day it was +15
On the way back to home, you look back and think how magnificent was the track
Thank you Rysy for mysterious track and mountain. You can see in the far away next to the snow on the right is the sharp Rysy.

It was the whole day that was used to climb the Rysy mountain. Well deserved hike.

A bit from Polish Tatras.

Near Zakopane
Always to get the best views you have to climb
Quite a few rivers were coming from Tatras
Where there is a hill or mountain there is a lake
And of course a lot of rivers
Rysy mountain on your left the sharp one. It’s more than 8 hours away

The last picture shows Rysy walking track. It was blocked further ahead, because of some construction going on. In some parts track was very dangerous to cross apparently, thus workers had to fix it.

What we did, we went to the top of the Rysy from Slovakia side very next day.

Tatras for me are the small alps and they for sure have its own charm. 🙂