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Scottish mountains

by EG
June 3, 2021
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Mountains always fascinate me. They are so magnificent and dangerous. That’s probably what attracts me the most – its beauty and the challenge that takes me to the top as well as the view which is the prize for the hike.

My first mountain experience which I experienced was in Scotland. Then I was hooked. Afterward, I was doing hiking every day, and to find a sunny day in the Scottish mountains was like looking for a needle in a haystack. In other words, the majority of the hikes were in rainy and humid conditions. Well, that’s the Scottish charm, right? Don’t get me wrong there were times when the weather was the sunniest you can imagine.

Check out the images below about my mountain adventures in Scotland.

P.S. I don’t have many images that are captured in rainy conditions, because they would usually be grey and dark.

Mountain Cobbler

I’ve climbed Cobbler a few times every time it was either raining, snowing, or just a super sunny day. The journey to the mountain was long compared to the last steps when climbing the end of the mountain.

The sharp edge of the mountain is the top of the Cobbler
Area was full with little mountains
Enjoying sun
The route started from Loch Long
Top of the Cobbler
Top of the Cobbler in super sunny day
You can see how far is the river which is the beginning of the route

Ben Lomond

Beautiful lake with a mountain. Mountain is called Ben Lomond and lake is Loch Lomond.

Ben Lomond in the background
First image location can be seen at the right side of the lake. Picture was taken near the top of the mountain.
If you look at Loch Lomond from different hill it looks different with small islands
Picture was taken before climbing Ben Lomond years ago. But I knew someday I will climb that mountain.
Loch Lomond in the background
Different side of the Loch Lomond

Rest and be Thankful and Beinn an Lochain

I always wondered about this name. Apparently, it’s a long track that goes from mountain Beinn an Lochain to the very south.

Maybe it was like: Enjoy the view, rest and be thankful for what you seen.

Either way, it had some magnificent views from the bottom and the top.

Let’s checkout some image from Beinn an Lochain

Middle of Beinn an Lochain
Rest and be Thankful road in the background
It was time for cooked rice food
The higher I went, the darker and colder it become
View distance was pretty low
It was not possible anymore to see the bottom
After all it was well enjoyed hike

Ben Nevis

It is the UK biggest mountain 4,413′ feet or 1345 meters. It is not so massive compared to numbers but it had some challenging parts while climbing.

Unfortunately, we were unlucky while climbing because it was mixed snow with rain and the view distance was 1-2 meters. So only I could imagine how it would look from the top.

We climbed Ben Nevis from the left side
Some people even run those paths
Ben Nevis from the distance
It looks easy, but it is not
I knew this won’t be a sunny day
Super cloudy
Somewhere middle of the hike
This is how the top looks like, with lots of stones around
This is how windy and rainy was up there
In memories to someone

This is it from Ben Nevis. Most of the time it was just a cloud wall with a maximum of 1-2 meters distance visibility.

We had super strong winds where we could barely hold the phone. It was snowing and raining at the same time. Hence, a few photos were made.

End of that day I spent 2 hours in the warm shower because my equipment was not ready nor the body for the wettest mountain hike ever. Well, lesson learned. This is the beauty of Ben Nevis, unpredictability.

Overall it was worth it and very good experience.