#3: How I helped violinist earn $500/mo online side income with 25$ investment

#3: How I helped violinist earn $500/mo online side income with 25$ investment

I wanted to help a friend out.

I was thinking about how can I create an environment where she can earn online with her skills.

Her knowledge and experience were in music and violin. Over 25 years she was crafting her skills.

So it was time to teach others ‘how to play’ online.

Sounds crazy, how does one can teach violin online?
With the right – mindset, marketing, and digital tools.

I said straight away, you need the following:

  • Website
  • Domain
  • Be discovered & seen by people
  • Change your mindset about online opportunities

Technical part – website and domain were done in less than 1 hour.
Domain and website registration on Hetzner Konsole (€25/$27).

The most important part was – to be discovered and seen by other people.

  • I wanted to get organic traffic
  • Earn instantly
  • Without ads

The best option was to register on Fiverr. A freelancer platform.

There was a lot of competition.

From scanning all competitors, I saw common mistakes:

  • Same description without uniqueness
  • The same type of blurry thumbnail images
  • Same copy-pasted hooks etc.

All competitors were great artists but bad marketers.

We crafted a profile to stand out and within 3 months she was the level-two seller.

That’s one level before the highest of sellers.

What we did:

  • Created short and precise description
  • Used a professional photo of her holding a violin
  • Used professionally recorded video of her playing
  • Made a unique hook, so people click on the profile
  • Used about me space to show the brand and drive traffic to the website

Simple points make great outcomes.

First few months there was no traffic.

We even created a Facebook page.
We played around with different images, hooks, and descriptions.

We left the test project aside.
I had my full-time job and she was also working in the orchestra.


Then out of sudden people started to order.

People started to visit her Facebook and her website.

Website analysis showed traffic spikes from Fiverr.

There were days when she couldn’t fit all teachings in one day.

She was busy.

There was a point when she started to earn more than her orchestra could pay.

She quit her job and moved fully online.

Here is the screenshot from PayPal.

Around 80% of people were coming from Fiverr.
The other 20% were from Facebook or Google searches.

It allowed us to test what people are looking for.
We saved a ton of time before building a long-ass website with offers.

It made me think there are a lot of opportunities ahead to drive more sales.

  • Continue to experiment with brand building rather than rely on ads
  • Get video and text format testimonials
  • Increase service price (1-1 session)
  • Leverage time and build products (for people who can’t afford service)
  • Provide tips and content (to give it out free, to create awareness)

Possibilities are there.

It’s just beginning.

That’s it for now.

If you want to learn more about how I can help check it below.


  1. Teaching Violin Online
  2. It was important to be seen online
  3. 80% of customers from Fiverr, 20% from Facebook/Google
  4. Polished online presence and sales started to come in
  5. Quit orchestra to do full-time online teaching – future plans
  6. Future opportunities

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