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The place I was born in – Latvia

by EG
May 23, 2021
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Did you know there are some magnificent places in Latvia? Latvia has a lot of forests and rivers and its nature can be breathtaking.

Well, every country on the planet has something to share.

My pictures can’t show but I can say I have been almost everywhere in Latvia. 🙂

Check out below some images from different places and activities that were in Latvia.

Amata river
Cousin love
Saulkrasti seaside
Helping beavers to build a dam
Latvian Hogweeds, dangerous plant
Outdoor cooking
Spring hike
Eagle cliffs
Kausu lake
Somewhere near Liepaja
Liepaja coast
Lāčkrogs lake
Gauja river
Gauja river with Mailo
Winter hike over the frozen river

Check the video on how it looks like wintertime in Latvia.

Gauja river
Latvian seaside
Summer hike
Autumn hike, crossing small Latvian river
Gaja national park
Hiking community
Cousin love 2
Some random hike

That’s all from Latvian nature. Check out now next post to see Scottish nature.