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Traveling in New York, Florida, and Bahamas

by EG
June 15, 2021
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When I was a kid I was dreaming about the USA. I was thinking does the USA look exactly the same as in the movies? Tall buildings, massive cars, and wide roads? Huge people and food portions?

I would say some of the things seen in movies are actually how the USA is looking.

It is so diverse that you would need months to see most of it. Fortunately, I managed to visit New York, Bahamas, and Florida.

Check the images below to see my adventurous traveling.

Time Square and of course police everywhere
It reminds me a bit of Glasgow, similar streets, only buildings are not that tall
Time Square during night is super crowded, a lot of people tried to sell stuff to me
Street was closed due to NY Marathon, well we took advantage of it by capturing some images
NY during the night is magnificent
Straight from Bahamas. I turned from pinky to red and then brownie from the sun
A lot of fans, but during the game, I almost fall asleep because fans were so quiet
One of the best or not the most delicious cakes were eaten in the Trump tower and the look inside the tower was also something interesting, everything was in gold look
In memories of 9/11 victims
The tallest building in the US and the view was superb
Look from the tallest building in the US
Cars and people on streets were so small. I couldn’t stop staring at everything from the top.
Central park is the best place to hide your self from the noisy environment
Far away the tallest US building can be seen and also the rest of NY

It was enough with NY in 5 days. Next destination was Florida.

My friend bird animal. Miami beach.
Miami Beach in April
Miami has a lot of palms
The most popular place for shark kills is in Miami
We found some cave, water was warm and clean
yes, cave was down there

My goal while in Florida was to visit spaceship company. Kids and adult dreams 🙂

Where is Elon Musk?

First spaceship pod that survived arrival from the space. You can see burned parts of the pad, imagine the speed and the temperature it was reaching when entered earth.

First Spaceship pod that survived
Lunar Sample 15058.187.023

How about some alligators?

Alligators and birds were eating a lot of chicken, poor animals
I bet this guy is big now and is eating chickens as well
Even when you throw a stone they would eat that stone.. predators
The best part that we had a boat ride in one of many alligator parks

Entering shooting range it’s the same as entering retaurant. You open a menu and choose what you want to ‘eat today’.

In EU that would work as airsoft shop but here it were real combat guns

Big part of the trip was about cars. Wherever you wanted to go transport was crucial. Also it was fun to ride around with Mustangs.

This car was beast
Convertible Mustang
Wondering what was the traffic like?
Florida in its beauty

They call it spring break parade
Mustangs in the US is the same as Opel in the EU. They are everywhere.
Sunny days like this were superb

The last destination with a few pictures was in the Bahamas. Super warm, humid and I got sunburn within few minutes. But worth visiting.

Trip by boat from Miami to Bahamas, very fast.

This was the fastest boat I’ve ever seen. Water wave behind later was huge.
Had suburn in few minutes
Blueish beach. Some parts it was dirty with litter..

Our goal was to see swimming pigs, yes pigs!

The lightest pig ever
Look at those cuties
Palms, sand and sun

This is it from the US and Bahamas. The next visit to the US will be on the west side. Different cultures, views, and emotions.

Check next blog post about my climbing in Tatra mountains.